The antigen rapid test is a swab test taken from the nostril and

yield results within a few minutes. It detects the presence of

viral protein in the sample and has a claimed accuracy of well

over 90%. It is not as reliable as the PCR test which requires a

hospital laboratory however, and it may not be valid for some

travel certification. Some airlines will accept results of rapid

antigen test. Please check with your airline and relevant travel

authority on what kind of Covid10 testing you need.

Testing can be valuable to guide your decision on quarantining,

or treatment.

The cost of the test is B750 for the test, B250 for a certificate.

Diagnotic error and improper

handling of test results once

again top annual list of

patient safety concerns

The ECRI institute, whose mission is “to protect patients from unsafe and ineffective medical technologies and practices” reports that for the second year running diagnostic error and improper management of test results are the most serious threats to patient safety, taking numbers 1 and 2 spots in a list of 10. At number 3 is physician burnout!

Trampoline park injuries

A recent report from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery states: Fractures and dislocations, hospital admissions, and surgical intervention secondary to jump park-related injuries can be seen in children and adults. There were a higher percentage of total fractures, lower extremity fractures, open fractures, adult fractures, and surgical fractures among patients with commercial jump park injuries compared with patients who sustained home trampoline injuries. Commercial jump parks may contribute to higher-energy mechanisms of trauma than previously suggested based on data extrapolated from domestic trampoline use. Our data suggest that with the expansion of commercial jump parks, the incidence, severity, and economic effect of trampoline injuries may be underestimated. I have personally seen and heard of some horrendous fractures sustained in trampoline parks and would advise against anyone using these places.

Measles outbreak in the


According to a BBC article there is a serious outbreak of measles in the Philippines. There are rumours of a number of fatalities. There are also continuing reports of cases of measles in the US and last year in Germany and Italy there were increased number of cases with some fatalities reported. The measles vaccine (as MMR vaccine) is routine advised for children aged 1 or over, but if needed can be given to children 6 months or over who may travel to high risk areas.
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